care bears movie nicholas

Mr. and Mrs. Cherrywood are a middle-aged couple who run an orphanage. The Spirit

- Nicholas from care bears. : He is voiced by Hadley Kay as a child and the late Mickey Rooney as an adult. Kid in audience Yes! Oh, not his magic tricks. : This is a job for all the Care Bears! The Spirit

Messy Bear |

Mr. Fettucini (better known as The Great Fettucini) was the magician that Nicholas worked for as a child. Child

: Where are they?

At the beginning of the movie, he wants nothing more than to make friends. Adult Oh, thank you so much! No information Dawn | : Years later, when Nicholas became a full-grown man, he married Kim. I know how you can earn more friends. Lotsa Heart Elephant | : A demonic entity capable of taking many forms, Dark Heart's mission was to capture all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins and spread his influence throughout the world. Nicholas unwittingly discovers a book inside and, under the guidance of the entity inside the book, The Spirit, and unknowingly casts a sleeping spell on him. The Spirit Occupation

I'm even now. The Spirit

Tender Heart Bear He was the assistant for The Great, until one day when he was manipulated and deceived by the evil spirit causing him to slowly become evil himself. ), Kim - Zelda (The Legend of Zelda), Jason - Taran (The Black Cauldron), Tenderheart Bear - Orinoco (The Wombles), Love-A-Lot Bear - Nellie the Elephant, Grumpy …

: With magic. He is probably close to ten or twelve years old. Nicholas Cherrywood : [wakes up with a start]  Canada, Adora - Barbara - Billy - Dick - Eek and Ick - Elaine - Fairy Boatride - Gary - General T.N.T. Nicholas The bears shoot beams of bright light towards him, forming their "Stare"; the Cousins help with their Call. Friends.

However, The Spirit convinces him that what he really wants is for everyone else to be uncaring so they can be lonely just like him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Spirit

Make us laugh! Enemies Believe us, Nicholas!

What do you mean everyone? Make them stop laughing! Care Bears Tenderheart Bear | Cheer Bear | Grumpy Bear | Share Bear | Funshine Bear | Wish Bear | Good Luck Bear | Love-a-Lot Bear | Harmony Bear | Friend Bear | Bedtime Bear | Champ Bear | Baby Hugs Bear | Baby Tugs Bear | Birthday Bear | Secret Bear | Surprise Bear | Laugh-a-Lot Bear | Grams Bear | True Heart Bear. : Magic can do anything you want it to.

Music Peter Sauder :

Friend and Secret introduce themselves and remind the children of their ambitions; neither of them takes interest.

Come on!

Nicholas! Don't do it! Tender Heart Bear :

: Cast Mr. Nicholas Cherrywood - Professor (Super Magnetic Neo), Nicholas Cherrywood (Teen) - Link (The Legend of Zelda), The Spirit - Sour Kangaroo (Horton Hears an Who! Nicholas, no! Tenderheart informs the others of Nicholas' troubles on Earth. 75 minutes My best friends, Mr. Fetucini. The four of them end up in the Forest of Feelings after the portal malfunctions. :

: See, Nicholas? Nicholas, what have you done? Listen to your heart, and you'll find the truth! That's what it's all about.

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