cassi davis husband

Cassi’s Brief Bio, Carrer, Net Worth. Cassi Davis denied being married to LaVan Davis but LaVan Davis said he is married to Cassi Davis. With that, they coincidentally even shared the same last name as well. CASSI DAVIS FINALLY MARRIED Cassi revealed that she married beau Kerry Patton on January 11, 2017, but it was no whirlwind romance. However, they did play each other's love interest in the blockbuster Tyler Perry's House of Curtis Payne and Ella Payne. It has been speculated several times that Cassi Davis is married to Lavan Davis – an American actor who is also known for his role as Curtis Payne in “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”. Cassi and Kerry met in third grade, but only started dating in 2007, and since they seem to like to take things slow, it took them another 10 … And this tar LaVan is not her spouse in real life, but he is in movie life. The fans are very curious about who Cassi Davis’s spouse is and how many kids she has. Davis married her longtime boyfriend Kerry Patton on January 11, 2017; the two were dating in 2007 prior to their marriage. The American TV actress, Cassi is a married woman.
The native-american Cassi Davis was created 31 July 1964, at Holly Springs and now consists of currently of 5 3 decades old.
Cassi Davis news about marriage was regularly mistaken for the successful Hollywood star LaVan Davis' marriage to another Hollywood star named Cassi Davis in real life. Cassi and Lavan were portrayed as partners in some productions. Everyone is curious to know how many sons and daughters she has. Her fans should not follow LaVan Davis to be her spouse. Are LaVan and Cassi Married? This put everyone in confusion about their relationship status. We hope she will soon reveal her husband …

However, most of her fans always get to the wrong conclusion of aspiring LaVan Davis to be her husband. The rumor that Cassi Davis is married to Lavan Davis, an American actor known for his role as Curtis Payne on “ Tyler Perry’s House of Payne ” remains heated on social networking sites. She is possibly single right now. Cassi combined music and attended Spelman College, Atlanta at 1984 she wasn’t able to finish her cooperation from acting music throughout her 33, because she acquired banned. But its just an imagination of the words. It is regularly mistaken that the successful Hollywood star LaVan Davis has married to another Hollywood star Cassi Davis in real life, and their surname also so people relate them as husband and wife, but it is false. Marriage rumors caught fuel when Cassi Davis and LaVan Davis started together in the television sitcom The House Of Paynes. As the name and surname matches of both the star people relate Davis and LaVan as husband and wife.LaVan is not her spouse. Like Cassi, Lavan played many roles in Perry’s productions.

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