gleason works

An important product came in 1874 with William's invention of the first bevel gear planer, a planer with integral indexing head designed to specialize in planing bevel gears. In 1874, William Gleason invented the first bevel gear planer.

In December 1999, it agreed to be acquired by its chairman and chief executive, the senior management, the Gleason Foundation, and private equity firm Vestar Capital Partners.[2]. James and Andrew Gleason followed their sister to Cornell and ultimately into the business. The Gleason Works, the machine shop that eventually evolved into the Gleason Corporation, was founded by Irish immigrant William Gleason in 1865 after his previous experience in other machine shops.       The trade of this house extends throughout the United States, and the products are also exported to foreign countries. Planers and indexing heads had been combined before, but never in the winning form factor that William created specifically for gears.       The works consist of a three-story building 70x160 feet in dimensions with a foundry in the rear, 60x85 which is fitted up with all modern machinery necessary for the manufacture of laths, planers, upright drills, boring machines, gear-dressing machines and general machinists' tools, the chief specialties of the house being iron planers and lathes and Gleason's patent gear-dressing machines, which enjoy an unquestioned reputation for durability, strength and efficiency.

In 1888, the Genesee Foundry Co. was organized and in 1890 so was the Gleason Tool Co. In 1893, at the age of twenty seven, Kate traveled unaccompanied to Europe by cattle steamer and secured orders for Gleason machines from companies in England, Scotland, France and Germany. This extensive establishment is a feature through which the manufacturing industries of Rochester are greatly enhanced and which has been largely instrumental in building up the city's name as a producing center for improved and reliable machinery. We have an 1884 ad with the business name as simply William Gleason. He inherited a product lineup that included engine lathes, planers, and drilling machines. The company has manufacturing operations in New York and Illinois. If you have information to add to this entry, please In 1900 the lathe and planer product lines were sold to the Pittsburg Machine Tool Co. Gleason Cutting Tools: Located at Eisenbach, Germany. Password Minimum 8 characters. Gleason's importance lies in gear manufacturing — especially in building the machine tools that themselves cut the teeth. Cylindrical gears transmit power in a straight line and have a variety of applications, including transmissions of front wheel-drive vehicles.

It has manufacturing plants in the USA, Britain, India, China, Switzerland and Germany, and sales offices in those and additional countries. More about Gleason

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