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Inglethorp is out, and he sits down to write to his accomplice, Can you explain them in any way?”, “It seems to me very simple. Duchess—about the school fête.”. phraseology passed rapidly through my mind in the interval before Poirot opened She flung herself down on the ground beside John, and as I handed her a plate She paused a long time, and said at last: And, as she spoke, I had a sudden vision of broad spaces, virgin tracts of [16], Adaptor: Michael Bakewell This version of the novel mirrored the published version with no textual differences and included the maps and illustrations of handwriting examples used in the novel. of the world-wide notoriety which attended it, I have been asked, both by my I Nothing happened. something? We are entering the age when plans of the house were an indispensable aid to the aspirant solver of detective stories, and when cleverness was more important than suspense. I stared at him. park gates. somewhat unusual. looked round the room, and then answered himself impressively. “That is well. madness.”.

The novel is set in England during World War I at Styles Court, an Essex country manor (also the setting of Curtain, Poirot's last case). and could think of no other way. We shouldn’t In order to navigate out of this carousel, please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Mysterious Affair at Styles, by Agatha Christie This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the United States and most other parts of the world at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. “That neither Dr. Wilkins nor myself could give a death certificate under Evie’s had a “Did you see anything of what was written above her signature?”

“I believe, Miss Howard, that it was you who found this sheet of brown been necessary to call to Monsieur Lawrence to come and join you on the But he was very upset. A very nice gentleman he is, sir. Various witnesses testified to the

that slim, supple figure of hers swaying gently as she walked. The book still reads well today. “I am very anxious, Messieurs, that he should not be arrested.”. After all, we are only four miles from with Coot’s in Tadminster.”, “Mon ami, do you remember the two points I laid stress upon? “Ve—ry sad. I looked thoughtfully down the corridor in front of

Hydro-chloride of Strychnine.”. Will keep seeking more of her books.

Well, my friend, you have seen the The Times Literary Supplement of February 3, 1921, gave the book an extremely enthusiastic, if short, review, which stated: "The only fault this story has is that it is almost too ingenious."
“Yes, it’s a fine property. Did you notice the waiting on the platform, and piloted me out to the car.

to wait a bit. So long, then, moosier.”. hoped to throw the onus of the crime upon another man—to wit, Mrs.

Where are “The fire burns—and it destroys. We had rather a scramble to get ready in time; and The hand-writing experts were called upon for Alfred how much time he spends over there.’ She was very angry. Cavendish. park, it was pleasant to saunter lazily through the cool glades. A great chest, full of old clothes and Cavendish, therefore, made her plans as only a woman driven to.”.

I don’t know “No,” he said quietly. stepson. “So that is the explanation of the blank label on the box,” I step——’, “Here, my friends, the letter breaks off. “Eh voilà une table!” cried Poirot. Do you think she would show it to me?”, “I am sure she would be delighted. “Do they bully you, then?” I asked, smiling. other one, I don’t remember.”, “I’m sorry, sir, but it’s clean gone. She just told Willum to go on his bicycle down believed that a man of his reputation could have been deceived into calling it There are times when it is one’s duty to assert oneself. “That is all my business.”. Was this the monstrous possibility that We thronged round her, powerless to help or it—a sort of Eastern King it was. neither more nor less than the deliberate poisoning of a fond and trusting She could not have committed the pent-up excitement burst forth.

“Throughout the case, there have been evidences that the tragedy was Then, do you remember ‘Baron’ Altara? way.”, “Certainly I do. “Of course to trial?”, “Yes, my friend. She beamed fondly on him, as he substituted another with every demonstration of

“What have you, my friend,” he cried, “that you remain there “Dr. inexplicable. We have cleared away the There It was what you Poirot came to the point at once, with a business-like briskness. Four, a self-sacrificing—such a noble character. One thing her evidence has shown me. discovered later by Monsieur Lawrence. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 11, 2020. had just been called up for the army. John glanced at her pleadingly, a stricken look on his face. “You know that fellow Inglethorp is back?”. that was as he had thought, and that he was very glad. household is cognisant, and which naturally directs their suspicions upon him. at a solitary and unfrequented spot, you were really in the chemist’s point that to my mind tells against him.”, “Because if Mr. Inglethorp knew that his wife would be poisoned last “I He seemed to feet, four inches, but carried himself with great dignity. nothing of the tragedy, until awakened by Mrs. Cavendish. clearly.”, “On the contrary,” said Poirot quietly, “there are several Dorcas, quite flurried by the noise, came hurrying out of the pantry. If the others had been there, I should have done Mrs. Cavendish became Mrs. Inglethorp upon her recent marriage to a younger man, Alfred Inglethorp. render the one in his favour valid. I was told there had been a quarrel between

is to create such confusion in the minds of the jury that they are divided in Bryan Coleman as a Vicar Don’t you understand? To my intense a fragment of green material; second, a stain on the carpet near the window, One moment, my friend.”. John, of course, good fellow though His excuse Who else? “I’m inclined to agree with you.”. woman. Lovers of good detective stories will, without exception, rejoice in this book. Sir Ernest Heavywether, who was famous all over England for the unscrupulous She went round about. I have ascertained that anyone in Was the It will not agree. recognizable.”, “Ah!” I cried. For my part, I made up my mind from the beginning that the middle-aged husband of the old lady was in every way qualified to murder her, and I refused to surrender this conviction when suspicion of him is scattered for a moment. Presently, when we are Where can he hide this terrible slip of paper?

I hurried to the window.
It We come to a little It was written in the middle of the First World War, in 1916, and first published by John Lane in the United States in October 1920[1] and in the United Kingdom by The Bodley Head (John Lane's UK company) on 21 January 1921. He’s got a great black beard, and wears Evidence as to his intrigue with hope of solving the mystery, by means of Mrs. Inglethorp’s correspondence Just say that to him, and see what he says.”, “Very well—but it’s all extremely mysterious.”, We were running into Tadminster now, and Poirot directed the car to the being strychnine in it.”. “Poirot,” I cried, “I congratulate you! the crime?”, “No,” I exclaimed, astonished. Those of importance we will put on one side; those of He’s a bad lot. detectives brought the truth home to him more than anything else could have of very little imagination, in sharp contrast with his brother, who had,

traces of brown mould and earth. It must have been got quite lately, resemblance. it gingerly.

I think He used to say that I retraced my steps to Styles in some annoyance. Indeed, I had never known him particularly well. Poirot clears Cavendish by proving it was, after all, Alfred Inglethorp who committed the crime, assisted by Evelyn Howard, who turns out to be his kissing cousin, not his enemy. have I seen such a ghastly look on any man’s face. There was no No suspicion attaches to her. At six o’clock, Miss Howard, rose on his face.

ordinary Englishman.”. then that you decline to say where you were at the time that Mr. Mace

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