nightstar parents

Assuming Rainflower also carries cinnamon, that part checks out.

But black is most common. NightStar Envoyez vos Photos aidera les autres producteurs à obtenir une meilleure idée de cette variété. hello there! Offspring: Rubblekit, Quietkit, and Turtlekit. With that, here’s a list of possible pairings, based on what the mother looks like: Howdy, Mouse!

Trouver des phénotypes, commentaires et profils détaillés, temps de floraison, niveau THC/CBD, images, prix et magasins, arbre de la famille et lignées, hybrides/croisement et génétiques, journaux de culture, comparaisons directes, propriétés médicinales, et bien plus encore! Naturally, both parents must be Maine Coons, and so must be longhaired. My headcanon is that Oakheart is solid cinnamon, while Crookedstar is a fawn (or possibly cinnamon) tabby. #link. About warrior cats. So, I’m going to assume that Rustpelt is a normal tortie (i.e. I’m tinkering with the family trees created by the authors for ThunderClan (and some connections to it), straightening things out so everybody has a realistic appearance. What would their parents look like? Aucune description française bon jusqu'à maintenant!

I will also draw the cats when I have time to do so.

Information indépendants et normalisés sur la variété de cannabis NightStar par 303 Seeds! Hehe definitely will since so many like it ^^ ApocalypseMan98 Writer. Description: Shorthaired brown (black) spotted torbie queen with green eyes. Vous avez trouve une video connexe contenant des info supplementaires ou sur le developpement de NightStar sur YouTube? Rename?

As for color, one of the parents could be dilute, but they cannot both be dilute; likewise, one of them could be solid, but both cannot be solid. #link #parent

Rename? And everything you need to know about cat genetics can be found at Messybeast. With that out of the way, let’s go! As for your question, the answer depends on what you mean by “golden-brown”, since I can see that as referring to a cream cat or a true golden cat. As it happens, I’m doing the same thing with Rainflower, and am also in the process of figuring things out for Shellheart. We are a brand new warriors rp site. Fur length and eye color were arbitrary decisions; I made him a black-based tabby rather than solid chocolate so that he can still be brownish while Cinderfur stays gray (Rowanberry is chocolate-based). However, since he started out with Claw- as a prefix, he’s getting a new name. Female possibilities: solid black, black with a little white, brown tabby, brown tabby with a little white, tortoiseshell, tortoiseshell with a little white, brown torbie, and brown torbie with a little white. Voir à tous les parents de NightStar dans notre carte dynamique. :). Her pouch, fluff and wing concept is still the same. It’s not a bother at all; I love genetics problems. (You’ll learn more about that in the future updates) Now that these two unexpected guests have arrived, what are the heroes of this Earth going to do about it? Curlew- works for a brown tabby, and it keeps the letter C; we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for his suffix and assume he’s quite handsome. That was probably way too long of an answer than necessary, but basically, Shellheart cannot be dilute, and he must be some sort of tabby. Wedding Cake

i've been wanting to learn genetics myself, and it's been a huge inspiration! Vous avez cultivé NightStar avec une autre variété? Get free seeds from with every order of €59 ore more Purple Punch Hi there, Mouse! Secondly, my oc is a long-haired white and golden-brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes and her mate is a short-haired black tom with yellow eyes. Hopefully this helps, and please feel free to ask back in if you need more clarification or have any further questions! And it’s gonna be a blast! Yes, keep on going! as im learning cat genetics (having a blast, rly) i'm going thru and changing some of the canon families. She is a spotted tabby because 1) she has tabby offspring, and as we don’t know her mate I want to make sure her kits can be tabby; and 2) now that she’s a tabby, “mottled” always says “spotted tabby” to me. powers over plants go for it. Welcome one and all to Legend of the Warriors! So let’s assume she might be a black golden tabby, in which case, the predictions will apply to male kits as well as female.

If the mother is a cream (which is much more common than true golden), the male kittens could be cream tabby, red tabby, cream tabby-and-white, or red tabby-and-white, all of which could be either shorthaired or longhaired. Here we leave

As always, fur length wasn’t mentioned, so I just made her a shorthair; eyes are green because I though they would look nice (and may or may not be inspired by Newt’s design from the Books of the Named). Offspring: Littlecloud, Wetfoot, and Brownpaw. that build this site, whethere there are clans or whatever it is you want with your characters. Hello, Spiderwhisker! You will be the ones 16-may-2017 - Explora el tablero "Nightstar (Mary Grayson)" de Heros and villains, que 302 personas siguen en Pinterest. I’m stepping back from all my Warriors projects for a while, so WCGP is on hold until further notice. However, the suffix is redundant, what with the fact that her prefix already implies patterning. First of all, since both parents are longhaired breeds, all of the kits will be longhaired. onto my question. first off, i love this blog. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Also, if both parents carry the dilution gene, which is quite possible, about 25% of the kits are likely to show diluted colors (gray instead of black, cream instead of red).

Nos revues sont multilingues et peuvent etre tres detaillees, y compris des donnees sur la culture, l'arome, les effets et le gout! Do si Dos Thank you; I’m glad this has inspired you! Hope this helps, and if you need more clarification, let me know! Seriously you are like crazy smart. The mother has to be a tortoiseshell, and the father must be red (note that red cats are always tabbies even if they are genetically solid).

Hi there, Mouse! He could simply be black, but then Crookedstar can’t be a tabby. Donnez votre information à propos de cette variété: 3 graines femelles Actual offre spéciale surAlchimia Grow ShopRéduit de 20.00 %!

Aidez s'il vous plaît à améliorer cette base de données et téléchargez / connectez vos informations ici!

S'il vous plait NightStartelechargez votre avis pour ici pour aider les autres utilisateurs de seedfinder! Nah, her prefix is fine and we’ll assume she deserved her suffix. Connectez le fil de discussion ici pour permettre aux autres utilisateurs de trouver cette information rapidement et facilement! Given that they are Maine Coons, I can assume that Squirrelheart is a true red (aka ginger) and that her brother is a black-based tabby. And genetics. So, I would probably have Shellheart end up as a black-based spotted tabby (possibly silver if you want to have him still look somewhat grayish), although he could easily be a chocolate or cinnamon spotted tabby. Vous avez de l'expérience avec les qualités médicales de NightStar? The same goes for dilute coloring and chocolate: both parents must carry the gene, but at least one of them can’t show it. Hello, Spiderwhisker! Can you help me with the genetics of my two OC's kits? If you want just The problem lies in the fact that Oakheart’s got to be dark if he’s going to remain similar to his canon looks, and with Rainflower already dilute, Shellheart cannot be. The mother must be be either red or tortoiseshell.

The mother, Rustpelt, is a tortoiseshell Maine Coon with a white chest and green eyes, the father, Oakclaw, a brown tabby Norwegian Forest Cat with yellow eyes. Si vous avez des expériences personnelles avec la culture ou la consommation de cette variété de cannabis, veuillez utiliser les liens de téléchargement pour les télécharger dans la base de données! I'm sorry if I bother you, but my main Warrior OC Squirrelheart is a deep red ( red squirrel ) colour, and is a she-cat Maine Coon. Photos plus éloquents que les paroles. Charu Artist of cute & tasty things. If both parents carry the dilution gene, you might also see solid blue, blue-and-white, blue tabby, blue tabby-and-white, blue golden tabby, or blue golden tabby-and-white. Donna answered with a simple hello , She grew silent and said the words miscarriage a lot. a normal everyday average cat then go for it. How is Nightstar liking it? everything up to the members. So we’ll give her -pelt instead – now she’s Newtpelt.

Your free to use your Ver más ideas sobre Jovenes titanes, Teen titanes, Heroe. Improving the genetics of the Warrior cats, Gray tortoiseshell mother X red tabby father, Gray torbie mother X red tabby father (may be genetically solid), Black tortoiseshell mother X red tabby or cream tabby father, Brown torbie mother X red tabby or cream tabby father (may be genetically solid). Honestly, her prefix is okay, since as a black-based torbie, she’ll still have a lot of black markings. 3 she's, one tom. THC levels up to 20% and CBD levels of 8%+ make this a perfect plant for anyone looking to increase their cannabinoid levels and add the special CBD co-factor for increased medical viability.A special sneak peek release of NightStar prior to the official release late 2013.Mother: Sensi Star - (Paradise)Father: Z7 - (CBD Crew)Genetics: Sensi Star x Cannatonic x Afghan/SkunkGrow Difficulty: Easy - Recommended for all growersIndoor Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks. The eye color was chosen to be similar to his official artwork in The Ultimate Guide. Since two of her kits are tabby, either she or Cinderfur has to be a tabby; I decided to go with her for no particular reason. Description: Shorthaired black tom with hazel eyes.

Description: Longhaired brown (black) mackerel tabby tom with hazel eyes.

Parent - Parents Siblings Fallenstar (M) (Leader of Shadowclan) (Mate to Hazelstar *Of Thunderclan kits where divided equally*) Maplestep Gelato 41 Our incredible, narcotic Sensi Star mom meets CBD rich pollen from CBD Crew's Z7. Si vous recherchez des informations sur NightStar de 303 Seeds, consultez L'Info Principale ou Lignée / Généalogie sur cette variété de cannabis ici sur cette page, et suivez les liens pour obtenir encore plus d'informations. If you have any genetics questions, Sparrowminder and Warriors OC Help are very knowledgeable. I’d be happy to help. Savez-vous quelque chose de plus sur NightStar de 303 Seeds? Right before I closed my eyes the phone rang. Please Login or Register. Floofybutt nobody. Graines de NightStar de 303 Seeds est une Variété CBD avec plus de THC que de CBD et sont / étaient uniquement disponibles en versions féminisées. Thank you for your kind words. You could have solid black, black-and-white, brown tabby, brown tabby-and-white, golden tabby, or golden tabby-and-white, and they could all be shorthaired or longhaired. Since red cats will show tabby markings, regardless of what they should be genetically, it actually doesn’t matter whether the parents are tabbies or not, as long as they both carry the non-tabby gene, so that the female kits can be non-tabby. Asks and submissions are closed as well. not is completely up to you. Bcn Critical XXL And since both of the parents’ breeds are fairly large, the kits will also most likely be larger than the average cat.

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