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Cheap and cheerful, unpretentious horror set among English high school cliques. Dimitri Leonidas. Quips and snogging take precedence over scares, but its commentary on new technology’s power to intimidate is chillingly apt." She waits there for a long time. He has also been featured in three short stories written by Horowitz based in the same canon as the series; Secret Weapon, Christmas at Gunpoint and Incident in Nice. Justine stops him, but he begins to choke her to death. Tuppence Middleton is an English actress. A teenage victim of bullying commits suicide, but the classmates who made his life a misery are later tormented by a series of disturbing events that lead them to believe he has returned from the dead to seek revenge for their cruelty. He tells her that it was his fault, because he was scared of being bullied, so he told Bradley that Mullet fancied her. On September 26, "Atormentada" was screened in a special event organized by Festival Icaro 2009. But I was mostly irritated with their logic about the ghost. Justine vainly begs her old friends Helena and Emily to take her back, telling them her that her new friends, including Alex, were all horrible. The US release came over Paramount Vantage. Not an awful horror offering, but one that is never able to quite gain its own personality. Added to Watchlist. Tormented is a 2009 British comedy horror slasher film directed by Jon Wright, written by Stephen Prentice, and starring Alex Pettyfer, April Pearson, Dimitri Leonidas, Calvin Dean and Tuppence Middleton. Sophie Mary Nighy. Witness the Furiosa Cast, ... Tormented 2009. Chris Dyer-Grugan. BBC Films, Pathé and Forward Films co-produced the film. The camera work and editing stands out most to me, and it works in giving the movie an intense tone, but the problem with this film lies somewhere else. At school, Bradley threatens Nasser (James Floyd), the leader of the school's emo clique, about removing a website he had put up about Mullet. The film, directed by David S. Goyer, was released in theaters on April 27, 2007. ... Bradley. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Jake Gyllenhaal Will Star in HBO Limited Series. Access exclusive energy deals! Good clean fun—A shame my recording of it finished before the end. The film has received mixed to positive reviews from critics. I was looking forward to seeing how the PE teacher was going to get it. The little girl appears and explains she wants her to go through the same pain her father would make her suffer. Later, the 'in-crowd' toast Mullet. Wright offers a cynical British slant on glossy American high-school horrors such as. All Critics (36) |, October 30, 2019 Later, Alex and Justine go to a bedroom and make out, only to be pranked by Bradley, wearing a clown costume and pretending to attack them with a chainsaw. Bradley and Marcus assault Jason, who they believe to be sending the text messages, but they are interrupted by another message, which Jason could not have sent. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. She asks him for help, and after a brief struggle he throws her onto the table and rapes her. Five days earlier, Justine is reading the eulogy at the funeral of unpopular, asthmatic student Darren Mullet (Calvin Dean). The film earned £284,757 on a £700,000 budget. |, November 6, 2009 It is the last book in the original storyline, but Mead will continue writing more Vampire Academy books in a spinoff series. It stars Alex Pettyfer, Sophie Wu, April Pearson, Calvin Dean, Dimitri Leonidas and Tuppence Middleton. Coming Soon. IMHO not gr8, don't xpkt to LOL. teacher sends him off for a shower. As I settled into Tormented, I was somewhat convinced that maybe this was going to be an interesting horror comedy/satire adhering to the most basic '80s teen/school revenge-slasher film formula, but I gave it way too much credit only 20 minutes in because this quickly spiraled into a tonally inconsistent & corny mess. She takes Mullet's inhaler and throws it across the room, telling Alex to break it. Said student fell prey to constant bullying from some entitled peers, and as luck would have it his love interest falls in line with the bullying group just after his death. Hoot is a 2002 mystery/suspense novel, recommended for ages 9-12, by Carl Hiaasen. Justine and Alex arrive at the Art Room and find the bodies of Jason and Khalillah, but are attacked by Mullet. Report this film. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. & the extreme homophobia/slut-shaming/fatphobia/ableism took on a much more cruel and unnecessary tone than what is found in the films it was paying homage to & satirizing [Heathers, Black Christmas, Halloween, Pretty in Pink, etc, etc, etc].

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