curiosity see what i wanna see

[5] Menzel also was nominated for the Drama League Award for Distinguished Performance in 2006.

The thief follows the couple to the nightclub where she flirts with both Louie and, discreetly, the Thief ("See What I Wanna See").

The Priest has lost his faith in the wake of "the tragedy" (alluding to, but not directly referencing the September 11 attacks), having failed to bring comfort to his flock ("Confession/Last Year"). The musical was titled R Shomon then. Become a Musicnotes Pro - Plus member today and receive PDFs included with every song plus take 15% off all digital sheet music purchases!

Morito has planned to murder Kesa just as she has plotted to kill him, but the audience is left in doubt as to who was the successful killer, the scene ends with Morito strangling Kesa as she reaches for her knife.

[10] The first college to put on the production was Oberlin College in Ohio. Directed by Ted Sperling, the cast included Idina Menzel as Kesa/Wife/Actress, Marc Kudisch as Morito/Husband/CPA, Henry Stram as The Janitor/Priest, Aaron Lohr as Thief/Reporter, and Mary Testa as Medium/Aunt. From the Album: See What I Wanna See (2005 Original Off-Broadway Cast) From the Book: See What I Wanna See: Vocal Selections From the Show: See What I Wanna See. He does, killing Louie; but Lily runs off into the night. Kesa divulges to the audience that "[her] husband knows [their] secret" and draws a knife out of her kimono and raises it to stab Morito at the height of her climax, but a blackout leaves the outcome unknown. Curiosity made me look out of the window on a bright, blue, crisp, blue day. Looking back, he sees something "Rising Up" from the pond, and he sobs as he sees the Glory. The scene shifts to New York City in 1951, where a murder has taken place.

The Aunt is a spitfire communist and an atheist. Worried that God "doesn't see [his] life", he goes to the park, where he discovers his true calling, "to live free and wild".

See What I Wanna See (2005 Original Off-Broadway Cast), See What I Wanna See (See What I Wanna See). She replies, "If you say so baby, why not?".

[15], "Public Will See More See What I Wanna See; Musical Extends,", "Theatre Review:Truth Takes On a Really Tough Role,", "The Drowsy Chaperone Leads 2006 Drama Desk Nominations, "Sketchbook: Outfitting See What I Wanna See,". Directed and Choreographed by Jason Wise, the cast featured Ben Liebert (Janitor/Priest), Brian Bailey (Medium/Aunt Monica), Parker Krug (Morito/Husband/CPA), Nate Suggs (Thief/Reporter), and Colby Levin (Kesa/Wife/Actress). He enters a bar across the street from the park where he meets Aaron, the Reporter on the news program. The Medium and the Husband perform an elaborate ritual reminiscent of traditional Japanese Seppuku (stomach-cutting). The Husband, seething with rage, chases his wife away and is left alone. He runs around screaming that it was a joke and that everyone should go home. The story is told in two parts with two prologues. Curiosity Made me stare into the fire That was coming right my way. He was running away from the disaster, while the Priest was running toward it. Back in the confessional, the Priest tells his Monsignor that he put the collar back on a month later at Aunt Monica's funeral, but he is still confused about his faith. The musical played Off-Broadway in 2005 and has since been performed in the UK and in regional U.S. theatres. The Husband's story is that his wife became enraptured with the Thief and turned on the husband ("You'll Go Away With Me" (Reprise)). [2][4] The production received Drama Desk Award nominations for Outstanding Musical, Actor in a Musical (Kudisch), Lead Actress in a Musical (Menzel), Featured Actress in a Musical (Testa), Music and Lyrics (LaChiusa), Orchestrations (Bruce Coughlin), Set Design (Thomas Lynch), and Sound Design (Acme Sound Partners). Lily orders the Thief to fight her husband for her ("Murder"). He posts fliers around the park emblazoned with the message: "In three weeks, on Tuesday, at 1 p.m. sharp, a miracle will occur here in Central Park... from the depths of the pond Christ will appear, believe and be free" ("First Message"). He finds the Husband, pulls the knife out of the body and flees the scene. He reminisces about the first time he realized his calling to become a priest, telling his Aunt about it. She had found success in a coffee commercial, which she calls "residual heaven" ("Coffee").

She reminds the Priest of all the flaws and wrongdoings in the world and berates him for being "a gullible dope", falling for "The Greatest Practical Joke" of humanity: religion.

Kesa sees murdering Morito as a way to cleanse herself of her guilt and shame, while Morito believes he is bringing justice to Kesa and renewing his honor. Joshua James as The Reporter in See What I Wanna See.

Back in feudal Japan, Morito, Kesa's lover, tells wistfully of their final night together ("Morito"). She is jittery, jumping from one subject to the next.

The Priest goes to the park to see what he has created. Her wrecked face draws bad press, and her coffee commercial is withdrawn. He slips when he refers to the weapon as "his knife", indicating that the killer is a male, but then he claims that the police had mentioned this to him. . A thief, Jimmy Mako, is also being interrogated ("The Thief's Statement"). He is grabbed by The CPA who says that he knows The Priest's secret...he is an angel. Surprisingly, the Thief instead cuts the bonds of the Husband and holds the knife to the Wife's throat, asking, "Do you want me to slash her throat and save you the trouble later?" He meets a former C.P.A., a filthy wild man in tattered business attire. The Priest meets an Actress named Deanna as he posts new fliers in the park ("Second Message"). She begs him for his love and forgiveness ("Louie").

Everyone appears as a collage of voices, telling their statements, sometimes in unison but often interjecting with their own skewed perspectives on the truth. 7 available keys. She begins to comply ("Louie guide my hand, I will honor you") but at the last second, as he pushes the knife towards her, she panics and turns it towards him, killing him and running away.

The Wife orders the Thief to bind the husband.

In New York City in 2002, the meek priest Michael is in confession with his Monsignor. He explains that when he left work in the late night/early morning he took a shortcut through Central Park, where he found "the scarf, the body, the blood" ("The Janitor's Statement"). He convinces Louie to go with him to the park to dig up "Big Money" that he knows is hidden there.

In rapture, he races around, but no one else has seen it. Finally, the Priest sees his Aunt, who, despite being in great pain, has made her way to the park. The musical premiered off-Broadway in New York at the Public Theater on October 30, 2005 (October 11 in previews) and ran through December 4, 2005.

He describes the beauty and the horrors of New York City in 1951 ("Light In the East"). Curiosity Made me wonder what would happen If I choose to watch and stay. The rape becomes passionate love-making, and the Husband attempts to block it out of his mind by recalling that the marquee of the movie house screening Rashomon was missing the "a" in the title. This production was also nominated for many awards by both the Cincinnati Acclaim Awards Panel and the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, winning many. It was produced by Michael Sancilio with direction by Corey Chambliss. Each prologue involves the medieval lovers/killers Kesa and Morito. The story is told in two parts with two prologues. The musical has also been presented by university groups in the UK and U.S. LaChiusa taught a four-hour master class at Minnesota State University, Mankato, in November 2008 as part of that University's production.

The Janitor is still in the interrogation room, exhausted. Deanna finds the Priest and thanks him for giving her hope.

See What I Wanna See is a musical by Michael John LaChiusa based on three short stories by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa: "Kesa and Morito", "In a Grove" and Dragon: the Old Potter's Tale. The musical was next staged at Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Ohio, from September 2006 to November 4, 2006. Brown University Musical Forum Written by Michael John LaChiusa Performed by Matt Bauman, Lee Taglin and cast Director Chris Tyler Musical …

The Reporter, the C.P.A. He indicates that they should kill themselves together. An early version of the show was mounted at the Williamstown Theater Festival from July 21, 2004 through August 1, 2004. She seduces the Priest, and the two have sex behind a bush in the park. After a few drinks, Louie agrees, and Lily is also persuaded to come along. In medieval Japan, Kesa plans to kill her lover, Morito ("Kesa"). The C.P.A. The Music Director on the production was Alan Patrick Kenny, with Lighting Design by Sean Savoie, Scenic Design by Samantha Reno, Sound Design by Doug Borntrager and Costume Design by Liz Holt. The TV news program she is watching shows the hordes of people gathering in Central Park for the "Gloryday". She assaults her husband verbally, relishing her new-found power, and telling him everything she has kept bottled up during their marriage; she will take "No More". The production also won "Outstanding Musical" at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, beating out Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park's production of Ace.[6]. and Deanna are angry.

See What I Wanna See is a musical by Michael John LaChiusa based on three short stories by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa: "Kesa and Morito", "In a Grove" (1922, the inspiration for Akira Kurosawa's 1950 film Rashomon) and With one hour left until the miracle the Priest giddily points out souvenir salesmen, religious groups and celebrities ("Feed the Lions").

Everyone flees, pulling coats over their heads to protect themselves from the dust and debris.

The Reporter says that he, like the Priest, is looking for answers ("Curiosity").

[7][8][9] This production was nominated for an Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Production of a Musical.

Dragon: the Old Potter's Tale (1919). becomes inspired by the Priest's message ("Central Park"). Each prologue involves the medieval lovers/killers Kesa and Morito. The Reporter mentions that he has met the Priest before, on the day of "the tragedy".

Back at the police department, the Thief calmly states that he will "take the chair.". Again he walks home through Central Park that night. Back in the interrogation room, the Janitor recalls an adage that "only the dead tell the truth." She consoles herself with morphine and barbiturates.

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